Our first post!

Do you need a trade show, convention, or expo model that is as smart as she is pretty?  Motivated Models is a boutique spokes model agency. We specialize in the best lead generators, product specialists, narrators, and event hosts with equally impressive resumes to match. Our spokes models are looking to do more than attract attention; they are goal driven, competitive, college educated individuals with experience in the industry.

We take pride in going above and beyond expectations by training our staff on your products/services before they arrive! Our company teaches talent the best way to qualify individuals in your target demographic and convey key selling points to win over industry prospects. All in all, providing you, our client, with a measurable return on your marketing investment!

What you get with Motivated Models is the brains and beauty needed for the ultimate success. Our techniques are not implemented elsewhere and we guarantee a success you can measure from our talent that you will love to look at, listen to, and work with!

Are you in need of beautiful and smart models for your next event? There is still time! Please contact us at 707-968-7536 or at info@motivatedmodels.com for more information.