Fire Department Instructors Conference FDIC in Indianapolis

FDIC Booth Babes Models Staff Lead Generators

FDIC is underway at the Indianapolis Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana. Firefighters from across the country are meeting to learn about new trade and training advancements in their industry. Our trade show models are helping out our clients in the expo portion by obtaining leads, acting as an integrated part of their on site sales team, and performing product narration and demonstration to keep attendees interested and further explain the product.  It is because of their hard-work and understanding for the client product and services that these companies will experience such a great success at the show.

The FDIC show provides hands-on training for the firefighters, conferences and guest speakers to increase knowledge, there is usually a TV celebrity or two for crowd appeal, and they have a lot of contests and social networking events scheduled as well.  Although it takes places in the Midwest, the show attracts people from all over the country and worldwide.  The amount of foreign firefighters last year was shocking.  Spain, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and Mexico were all among the international attendees represented.

FDIC Booth Babes Models Staff Lead Generators
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Future FDIC Dates:

  • April 16-21, 2012
  • April 22-27, 2013
  • April 7-12, 2014
  • April 20-25, 2015
  • April 18-23, 2016
  • April 24-29, 2017