Modeling – Tips for Trade Show Modelling Hopefuls

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Modeling for trade shows requires photos and videos for client submissions, like the one below of Camilla.

Modelling photo submission example, business attire

Motivated Models prefers their talent to have at least one professional photo of them in a business suit, preferably a skirt, wear a beautiful smile on their face, like below.

modelling, business professional skirt, modeling skirt, trade show skirt
Modelling photo submission, business professional skirt attire example

Your video should be a 30s-60s brief bio about yourself and what you can offer your clients in terms of skills, knowledge, professional experience, personal interests, and so forth. Below is Chernise’s professional introduction video:

And here is a little less professionally produced yet very exceptional introduction video from Arika:

Clients are more willing to book you when you have a well made video that represents you in all your un-photoshopped glory.  Overall, make sure your agency has great photos and a clean video so they have the right marketing materials to get you hired!

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