Sweets and Snacks Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago

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The Sweets & Snacks expo is coming back to Chicago! From May 24-26, McCormick Place‘s West building will be filled with delicious treats from all across the sugar spectrum. As an exhibitor, what better way to help brand your products, attract attention, attain leads, and distribute samples than with an articulate, attractive, overachieving trade show model. Motivated Models specializes in training our models on your company, teaching them how to help you obtain your goals, and eliminating the guess-work in what to do once at the show. Contact us to secure one of our smart, savvy, and sophisticated talent for your convention today.
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Sweets and Snacks Show Models
Motivated Models: Provide Trade Show Models for the Sweets and Snacks Expo

Why a company should use a model opposed to their own salespeople and customer service staff:


Cost Effective:
No per diem, no airfare, no transportation, no hotel. Just one reasonable fee for seasoned trade show professionals.

Experienced, Committed and Knowledgeable:
Professional Spokesmodels make it their business to know company products and services and to explain them in ways buyers can understand. At trade shows and conventions, tradeshow models are in their NATURAL ELEMENT so they PROJECT COMFORT AND CONFIDENCE to customers.

Prepared, Confident, Bold:
Combining their natural assertiveness with knowledge of your product makes professional convention models or trade show models the right choice for increased sales and sales leads. At a trade show, sales staff don’t have a half hour to make their sale – they have seconds, maybe a minute. Professional models know how to GAIN RAPPORT QUICKLY through body language and conversation. They listen to the customers. Their enthusiastic and persistent manner with their open, disarming nature allows tradeshow models to quickly turn company customers into friends. Professional tradeshow models also know how to help casual visitors move along to make room for new buyers! A professional tradeshow model is enthusiastic, they are excited about working for new companies and look forward to working with their customers. They smile, make eye contact and treat company customers as the most important people in the world, because they are. Professional trade show models know how to handle and turn around ‘no’s.’ And they are always looking for the ‘YES!’

Yes, naturally, professional tradeshow models are extremely attractive women and men who wear classic and conservative to wild and outrageous styles of dress so that customers give company exhibits a second look. Professional models and talent also know how to take the most technical copy and make it easy to understand for customers. Their dramatic, enthusiastic or humorous performance creates a booth magnet for potential customers. Professional spokes models can also demonstrate company products for the public and show them how easy it is to use. Whether it’s one-on-one or over a public address system, professional models and talent know how to involve customers to make the sale.

Please contact us to hire one of our well qualified and trained trade show models today!
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