IMTS at McCormick Place


International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) will be held on Sept. 10-15, 2012 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. With more than 82,000 industrial decision-makers, including many of your competitors, at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) it is important to make your presence known. Top that with the cost of booth space, bringing in and putting up your staff, and entertaining clients – your marketing strategy to attract new clients should be on-point.

Many companies choose to hire local spokesmodel talent rather than their own. Not only does it eliminate travel costs and increase productivity back at the office, but the models have the art of trade show marketing down. Our Motivated Models are tech savvy and can attract and qualify sales generating attendees in your particular market. With our service, your cost per lead decreases significantly. The way we achieve it is by engaging all that pass by the booth and ask them a simple question which determines whether they are a possible client. And most of them are! If they say yes, our staff gives them a 1-sentence description of what your company does (or what your message for this show is) and invite them to speak with your representative. It is a very high-class approach, and most importantly, it works. The spokesmodels are quick learners, many of ours are former engineers and tech geeks that can understand manufacturing products and thus talk about your products with enthusiasm. Moreover, they blend in with your on site staff and many times the potential clients think the spokesmodels work for your company.

If your company still needs model or event talent including but not limited to hostesses, narrators, product specialists, lead generators, product specialists, samplers, or sales assistants just call or email us today for a quote! We take pride in our hand-picked talent for their brains and beauty, let them help you reach your on site goals and make your marketing dollars work harder!

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IMTS at McCormick Place in Chicago: Motivated Models Talent and Model Staffing Agency