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Promotional body painting with bodypaint models is a great way to get your brand seen among your target demographic. It's ideal for launch events, bars, nightclubs, VIP experiences and evening parties.  We encourage our clients to maximize the experience by providing a step and repeat for attendees to take photos with the talent upon arrival. Another option is to have a professional photo shoot before the event if additional promotional marketing material is needed (we can help set this up).  Clients also enjoy having the talent greet event attendees, pass out promotional material and walk around to add ambiance or stay stationed near a particular high traffic area of the event. If you so choose, we can provide accent body painting for event staff as well (eye / arm / neck accents).

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Bodypaint Client Tips

  • Decide if you want a logo / brand to be used on the bodypaint models, if so, please have that in a high resolution image that you can provide
  • Know what type of image / look  you want on the talent or if you have theme colors
  • We can provide additional live bodypainting for attendees if you have a logo you want 'tattooed' on audience members (this can be easily done with an airbrush and is a hit) or if you want creative options based on your event theme
  • Let us know if you want hair and makeup to be provided for talent

Hire Bodypaint Models

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Motivated Models can fulfill your bodypaint artist and bodypaint models needs.  From corporate events to VIP parties to trade shows, having a logo or brand image painted onto a model is an easy way to leave a lasting impression.  We have models and painters available in all major cities including Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, Dallas, Miami, Austin, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Milwaukee, Madison, Indianapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Washington DC, Seattle, and more!

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