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Solar Power International Models

Solar Power International 2011 in Dallas Texas doesn’t start until TOMORROW but the buzz about the new and innovative has begun and our Solar Power International Models are ready!  The exhibit halls are stuffed with with gleaming, glistening, and glowing solar power solutions provided by companies across the globe.  The show is an energy revolution in and of itself.

SolarFighter ( by Soltech-Renovables / Soltech-America headquartered in Spain is launching a new product at their booth, #6647.  Swing by for more information (if you ask nicely they will probably give you a free t-shirt too!) but below is a quick video clip of their no-hassle solar-tracking solution available for needs of any size, ready to go straight out-of-the-box.

What do we like best? Because it tracks the sun you get 30% higher energy yields and that you can monitor it with your smart phone, PC, or tablet! I love that I get instant information on cost-savings, energy produced, and overall analytics (than you iPhone and Android apps integration)! They bring to the masses ease of use, easy monitoring, and all the same price of non-tracking units. To you, that means faster return on investment. SolarFighter hopes to make it a no-brainer solution for the American looking to eliminate their electricity bill and have clean energy all while putting money back in their pockets. The purchaser can grow as slow or as quickly as they see fit, they can add more SolarFighters without having to worry about hot-spots, shading losses, mis-matching, or the like. What about installation? It’s EASY! Their installation wizard utilizes your smart phone to help you find the best location and orientation. Connect it to your electrical grid through a plug and you are DONE! Truly, a straight-out-of-the-box solution the masses have been waiting for!

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We like SolarFighter and so does our trade show hostesses, find them at the show and they’ll tell you about some freebies SolarFighter is giving out at Solar Power International 2011 in Dallas Texas! It’s Solar REVOLUTION-EVOLUTION!

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