Book Models for Liquor Promotions

Book Models for Liquor Promotions

Models for Liquor Promotions

Book Models for Liquor Promotions at your venue, for your brand, at your party. Contact us today if you are looking for models for liquor promotions! We have talent nationwide and excellent staffing service!

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Book Models for Liquor Promotions

Models for liquor promotions in college towns are such a hit. Check out the Jamesome girls below at the University of Illinois campus.  The Irish Whiskey brand increased sales due to the program.  The Stoli Hotel campaign was run on college campuses across the country in conjunction with a large Hotel themed party in every major city.  Lead generation during the program played a big role in relaunching the brand and allowing for the experiential event to reach the masses.

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Liquor Promotional Model Staffing Agency

Our Aperol models brought the summer drink back on the menu and into patron hands during the spring. As summer rolled around sales at the venues increased and the program was a great success.

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Chicago Liquor Promotional Models

New Liquor Product? New Liquor Flavor? Re-Branding? Liquor Special Event?


We provide the faces behind your brand for bar and nightclub promotions in the liquor and tobacco industries.  We have models to fit every category, desired look, and market across the country.  From general models to alternative models to urban models to Spanish speaking models and more, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

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