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Fake Paparazzi

Fake paparazzi photographers are available through our event staffing services for your next special occasion!  From spoof paparazzi to comical paparazzi to event photographers – we have them all!

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Red Carpet VIP Fake Paparazzi Event Photographers as an Agency Marketing Stunt

Fake paparazzi / Fake Paparazzis / Fake Paparazzi Photographers. Motivated Models books photographers and fake paparazzi for events across the country.  We have fake paparazzi photographers available to meet your special event, VIP, party, club, opening, launch, trade show, promotional, wedding, and special dinner needs.  Talk about the red-carpet treatment, choose as few or as many fake paparazzi photographers as you want.  Motivated Models can also supply ‘screaming fans’ looking for autographs or just excited to see their ‘idol,’ a celebrity lookalike, velvet rope security guards, or an event red carpet reporter complete with video camera and crew to interview guests upon entrance.  There is no event too small or too large, inquire today for a quote! 707-968-7536

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Chicago Event Photographers

From old school to comical to Oscar style, our ‘fake paparazzi’ can dress accordingly and administer coordinating key questions to help play the part, “Who are you wearing” “What new projects do you have going on” “Where is your husband tonight” and the like.  “Hey, it’s that guy for that thing”  flash flash flash.  They will be excited to see your attendees and follow them all the way up the red carpet with flashing bulbs and clamoring tag lines the whole way!

Hire Fake Paparazzi

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote! Our fake paparazzi, screaming fans and interviewers are available in nationwide in the US and most major cities worldwide

Need a little attention? A unique way to get the mood set for a product launch event? Want your grand opening to be grand?  Need a memorable addition to your wedding or dinner?  Throw a dozen paparazzi photographers in the mix! Even at a marketing event, flash mob, or PR stunt it will ensure to turn heads and get people talking and interested!

* Flash Flash Flash * From high-end girls night out events to fundraisers to casino nights to high school themed proms, hiring fake paparazzi will ensure the mood is set from the start, add a fun element, and create an experience that will be remembered and talked about for years to come!

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Our event staffing services can also fill the needs for corporate photography, we have model photographers and additional event photography services as well.  From commercial to artistic, our talented photographers can make your style come to life.

Contact us today to inquire about our services, request a quote, or to hire fake paparazzi for your next event!

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