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Liquor Promotional Models

Liquor Promotional Models are available nationwide from Motivated Models to enhance brands, educate consumers, spike sales, and increase brand awareness.

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Working liquor promotions can be fun and interesting at the same time. You never know what to expect when free liquor is involved but you should anticipate to hear some of the greatest pick up lines ever.  Models love working them because they last an hour or two before going to the next venue, you are everyone’s best friend since you are giving out free drinks/shots/samples, and it’s a great way to meet new people.

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* The promotional models need to make sure they know the product: what it is made of, where it is made and where it is bottled, the proof, how to mix it and any other unique trait that the brand has.

* They should arrive 15 minutes early dressed and ready to go. These 15 minutes will allow them to get set up and ready before the event starts.

* They need to bring a good attitude because you have to be extra friendly and patient when it comes to working in a bar environment. People don’t always act their best when they have been drinking.

* There are usually secret shoppers so liquor promotional models should watch what they do and say. Be a cheerleader for the brand you are representing and spread your enthusiasm to the bar staff and patrons alike.  Any negative words or actions can easily get relayed to the client and back to your agency, ultimately putting you out of work.

* Models should taste the product before sending it out to consumers so they can describe it to potential buyers.  This should be on their own and apart from consumers unless the brand indicates otherwise.

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