Liquor Models in Chicago

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Liquor Models in Chicago

Motivated Models has been providing Liquor Models in Chicago, giving Chicago the best, brightest, and most attractive promotional liquor models in Chicago.  From staffing to education to execution, we do it all.  With a lean yet comprehensive database, our talent can fit the demographic and requirements for your brand, elevating it to meet the image and demands of your ideal clientele.

OR-G is a new vodka product the talent of Motivated Models has assisted in launching in Chicago.  For off premise events, the Chicago liquor models have driven sales, increased brand awareness, and assisted winning people over with the products delicious taste through in store sampling.   In the most recent push, our talent was partnered with the Binny’s chain and aided in a 20 venue execution across Chicagoland including the suburbs as far as St. Charles.

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Some of our other campaigns include Aperol Spritz, Italy’s number one selling spirit.  Motivated Models Liquor Staffing Agency executes their on-premise sampling events.  Below is an example of our liquor promotional talent in action.

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To learn more about the services offered at Motivated Models, for a quote, or to book liquor models in Chicago; contact us today! We also have talent coast to coast and execute events, promotions, and trade shows!     |      707-968-7536

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