RSA Conference Trade Show Day 1 – Review / Highlights

RSA Trade show models modeling model hostess host booth conference san francisco agencies agency staffing RSAC

RSA Conference Trade Show

RSA Conference Trade Show Day 1 in review, we love the security conference!

RSA Trade show models modeling model hostess host booth conference san francisco agencies agency staffing RSAC

The RSA Conference welcome reception on Monday and the first show day yesterday, Tuesday, are over.  Wednesday, day 2 of RSAC, is about to open its doors for more learning, growing, and collaborating in the world of internet security.  Many of the new product releases are out, the booths busy, and the show well underway.  Here are a few highlights from the show yesterday.

Microsoft’s corporate VP, Scott Charney, spoke about the future of the internet and how it will impact internet security.  He has concluded that there are three factors changing the face of the internet:

#1   Society and companies alike are relying more on data; the user-generated data including that of geolocation is very powerful and will continue to shape society as devices, services, software, and apps find new ways of integrating it AND companies find new ways of using it.  This is a double edge sword as rules and regulations need to be in place to prevent data abuse.

#2  Aside from society and commercial use, the government which has never played a role in shaping the internet is finally putting its hand in the cookie jar.  With the recent legislation that created buzz, they are looking to become a protecting force.  As can be seen with online campaigning and loop holes written into certain legislation, they are also becoming exploiters.

#3  New threats that are hitting the internet now include APTS (advanced persistent threats) which target the internet community as a whole and those unleashing these attacks will work over long periods of time to achieve their goal.

Overall, cloud computing and mobile devices are changing the mediums on which security must be kept but the bigger picture and the evolution of how we must protect the internet will be driven by the way we use the data it provides, the government’s role in the internet, and how the cyber criminals are evolving their tactics.

The CTO at VMWare, Dr. Stephen Herrod, discussed a project they are working on that will revolutionize the way companies do business (from a hardware stance).  They are creating an interface that will allow companies to turn their employees personal cellphones into a device where business assets can be kept.  In essence, the device has “two personalities” and they are separated by virtual hardware.  At RSA in San Francisco they did not have a working model, but it is something that in a short time can become a new standard.

RSA Conference Trade Show Models Agencies San Francisco Day 1 Highlights

Above are some of the Motivated Models RSA conference trade show talent at the AhnLab booth.  Ahn Labs has an extensive security solution portfolio and are a leader in the industry. Feel free to swing by as they are doing a $10,000 giveaway!

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