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Amusement Expo Trade Show Models

We staff Amusement Expo Trade Show Models for the Las Vegas Trade Show!


Motivated Models is a Las Vegas Trade Show Modeling Agency providing AAMA AMOA Amusement Expo Trade Show Models: high quality, attractive, intelligent, and hardworking models.  The show takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and is home to all the games, prizes, tournaments, arcades, and electronics you would find in an amusement park or arcade store.  The flashing lights, winning bells, colorful devices, and addicting games line the aisles during the three-day show taking place from March 14-16 2012.  The game makers and venue owners come together to discuss and write orders for the latest and greatest in the industry.  It is the place to showcase new ideas and launch the new products children will grow accustom to in the future.

Remembering my days at Chuck E. Cheese, Leaps & bounds, Odyssey Fun World, Great America, and our local arcade, I find myself drawn back to my childhood while at the show.  I remember collecting my tickets from all my friend’s birthday parties at the venue in hopes of being able to get the one of their top prizes or big stuffed animals.


With advancements in technology, say goodbye to Pac-Man and hello to games like Dance-Dance Revolution or the Speed of Light. They are driving sales in the amusement game industry because they are competitive and quite often synonymous with the word ‘addictive’ which equates to revenue generation!

Motivated Models provides Las Vegas Trade Show Models for the Amusement Expo. From lead generators to game demonstrators to hostesses and more! Contact us today to learn more about our services, request a quote, or to book our talent! 707-968-7536

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