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CTIA trade show models logo modeling agency new orleans booth babes hostess

CTIA trade show models logo modeling agency new orleans booth babes hostess

CTIA Wireless 2012 is taking place May 5-8, 2012 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center located at 900 Convention Center Blvd in New Orleans with pre-conference seminars on May 7th.  The show this year is in Louisiana and they anticipate more than 40,000 attendees, 1,000+ exhibitors, and over 325,000+ sqft of space to be dedicated to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. With over 288 billion MB of data transferred wirelessly in 2010 and 1.9 million apps on the market, this industry has taken the world by storm!  From cloud to advertising to apps to retail to connectivity to productivity – the cellular industry is the solution.

Expo Show Hours are:

  • Tuesday, May 8: 11am-4:30pm
  • Wednesday, May 9: 11am-5pm
  • Thursday, May 10: 9:30am-2pm

With the leading press and analysts coming in worldwide to learn of the new releases, launches, and concept projects – be sure to bring your A-game as the amount of exposure for an innovative exhibitor can be huge.  For attendees, the draw is the ability to hear some of the leads in the industry speak on various topics, attendee educational and conference sessions, and to remain on the forefront of this ever-changing industry.

Out with the old, in with the new!  Not just through hardware but firmware updates and app creation allow cellphones to evolve very quickly to make our lives easier and thus smart phones are gaining market share at an increasing rate. After seeing a preview of the new 4.0 Android operating system by Google at CES in Las Vegas this January, exhibitors at CTIA are sure to have some product and software retaliation and I would anticipate some new ideas coming into the public light.

The apps matter too and can sustain a business in and of itself for example, Zynga.  CTIA always has a few app companies showcasing their new development, new cellphone carries showing off their new pre-installed apps which makes their users lives easier, and with all the IPO’s this past year from some of the app powerhouses, I anticipate there to be an even greater presence.

With buzz encompassing each booth, it is important for exhibitors to focus on the task at hand: educating consumers, driving leads and sales, and increase THEIR market share in the industry.  Leave your fuddy-duddy employees at home and bring your most outgoing, go-getters that can keep up with the fast paced New Orleans show.  After all, you only have 30 seconds at best to pitch a potential customer as to why they should stay and talk to you at your booth.  Motivated Models  provides CTIA trade show models in New Orleans that are trained on how to give exhibitors the biggest return on investment.  Our talent quickly learns product information, can assist by pitching people walking by as well as identifying potential decision makers for your product/service, and they are visually appealing which elevates your brand.  From badge scanning to card collecting to receptionist duties to lead generation/qualification, presentations, crowd gathering and more – our talent has the brains and beauty to make the most of CTIA.

Contact us today to learn more about our trade show modeling services, request a talent quote for CTIA, or to book our CTIA Trade Show Models in New Orleans! 707-968-7536     |     info@MotivatedModels.com

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And, you can find CTIA 2013 & 2014 back in Las Vegas!