How to Become a Model for Trade Shows

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How to Become a Model for Trade Shows

People want to know how to Become a Model for Trade Shows. This is a typical request from a pretty 20-something or her parents at an event open to the public, like the Chicago Auto Show. It looks easy: dress nice, greet attendees, pass out giveaways or literature; but there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes and the job isn’t for those looking for ‘easy street.’

Models that are looking to make a living working trade shows will need professional photos which include something of him or her dressed in a business suit. Many trade show modeling agencies require demo reels, candid photos, resumes, educational information, and pertinent skills. This is required to show your value to the potential client and will help you get ‘booked’ on a job. The better your photos, the better your videos, the more testimonials from previous employers, the more versatility in your demo reels – the more likely you are to land jobs (and land the better paying ones).  It all comes down to providing the material so your agent can market you well.

Recommended Photos and Media:

  • Professional photo in a business outfit
  • Professional photo in a swimsuit
  • Professional head shot smiling
  • Professional photo is a cocktail dress
  • 2-3 additional family friendly / business friendly photos
  • Candid photos in a swimsuit from the front, back side, with hair down and no makeup
  • Demo Reel (you can use this auto show audition script for your demo reel if you don’t have a demo reel but want to create a mock-up)
  • Resume highlighting educational information, professional experience, certifications, skills, language fluency, and any modeling / event job experience
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How to Become a Model for Trade Shows

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Unlike print models where models just need to worry about the way they look behind a camera, trade show models and promotional models need to learn product information, be friendly and upbeat all day, and have a great appearance as well as attitude. Often, clients will require trade show models to pass quizzes on certain products before representing them at a show to ensure they grasp the information necessary. Being able to quickly learn and adapt to a company, pitch a product/service in 30 seconds or less, and just work all day in heels will help a specific talent show her true value and get asked back for other shows with the same client or trade show modeling agency.  It is a visual industry, looks are very important as is work ethic and knowledge which it is how the company you are representing and the attendees you are interacting with will make a split second decision on you.

How to Become a Model for Trade Shows:

  • For those interested in how to become a model for trade shows, Motivated Models requires professional photos. We prefer specific looks: a tight-fitting business suit, casual wear (can be jeans and a tank top), swim suit (nothing too sexy or revealing), a clean commercial looking head shot, another head shot smiling, and at least one candid photo. The industry is competitive, talent should put their best face forward and arm themselves with some great photos.
  • A candid video done on a video camera and/or cellphone is better than none. It can be used to tell clients a little about the trade show model and shows the models mannerisms, professionalism, tone and pitch of voice, and how the client can expect them to look upon arrival. We suggest creating a video in a business skirt suit and keeping it short – 60 seconds would suffice.
  • Lastly, models should keep track of all the people they worked for in a marketing capacity: trade shows, promotions, volunteer work, professional endeavors. They want to have a master list somewhere which contains the date, the client, the show/event, what they were responsible for doing, and a job title they would give themselves for that show/event. This should be submitted to their agent and is a powerful tool to market them to the clients.  Think of it as your live event resume!

Motivated Models is currently accepting new trade show model and promotional model applications. We are a trade show modeling agency that staffs conventions and events coast to coast in the USA as well as in select international countries.  To be considered for our trade show model and talent roster, complete our new trade show talent application found here

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