Microsoft Phone Challenge – get your free Windows smartphone today through Thursday April 5th

Microsoft Store Windows Smoked Phone Challenge CES 2012

Microsoft Store Windows Smoked Phone Challenge CES 2012, Microsoft Phone Challenge

The much talked about Microsoft Phone Challenge.  We LOVE Microsoft for this great marketing campaign! They want to get buzz around their stores and more Windows phones on the market so they are basically giving away 100 phones every day at each of their locations!

The Microsoft Smoked by Windows Phone Hunger Games Event Contest is underway, you want in? Sound too good to be true? Well, this time it’s not but hurry because it’s only been extended through this Thursday!

Microsoft phone challenge Windows cellphone smartphone Store games hunger, microsoft phone challenge

There are some rules: You must bring in a working smart phone, they will then challenge you to one of six quick draw cell phone tasks (i.e. posting a photo to FaceBook, translating a written document into English, finding the closest 5 star restaurant, finding a movie theater/movie times…).  For the contest the Microsoft Store employee will be on their Windows phone and you on the one you bring in – you must turn off the screen and place it face down on the battle table.  When they say go, turn it on and if you complete the task faster than they do on their Window’s phone, you win a $1000 special edition Hunger Games laptop.  If you ‘lose’ you get a brand new in the box Window’s phone (as long as you surrender yours).  Sound like a Microsoft Phone Challenge win – win to me! New phone values depend on which provider you have but they’re really nice (and fast – 4g).  The Radar and Lumina is an option if you are on the T-Mobile network and they have the Trophy for those on the Verizon network.  AT&T & Sprint clients need not worry as they have slick phones for you too.

Windows Cell Phone Challenge

This campaign is so successful they are extending it until this Thursday, April 5th.  First 100 people at each location can trade their phones in if they ‘lose’ and the next 500 ‘losers’ will get a $25 gift card without having to give up their phone.  Of course, anyone who is faster than the employees on the Windows phone will get a new laptop!  No contract upgrades necessary, no strings attached, period. Any cellphone providers are welcome with the restriction of no Windows phones.  Questions?  Call your local store (see list below).

The above video was from CES 2012 where they started with a $100 prize… but I like the upped ante!

Check out one of their locations below to take advantage of the Microsoft Phone Challenge campaign!
US Locations

Microsoft Store Windows Cellphone Challenge Phone

For official rules, check out their Microsoft Phone Challenge site:

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