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Need a fight night ring girl? Need Chicago ring girls to spice up your event?   Having a cage match or cagefighting event and need a ring girl? Is there a boxing match and need a ring girl?  From casino UFC events to a local MMA bout, they are great to keep the attendees attention, add a little female touch to an otherwise testosterone event, and they make for great post-event photo opportunities.

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Often mimicking the televised matches on TV, a Chicago Ring Girl will add a sense of professionalism and elevate the event at hand. From holding round cards for the fight night matches to helping increase attendee attention to taking pictures with the crowd, these ladies are personable, attractive, fit, and a fan favorite!  Often the models chosen love the sport and are avid fans, getting into the matches as they fold while they watch from the sidelines.

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Above is a photo from the Rivers Casino Fight Night Event! Our Chicago Ring Girl did a great job adding ambiance and keeping the crowd’s attention at their event.  It was the casino’s first fight night event and right after their grand opening, they wanted to reinforce the experience for the patrons that came to watch from their venue.

ring card girl, ring girl

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Our talent is available in all major cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, Gary, Joliet, Milwaukee, Madison, San Francisco, Orlando, Atlanta, Atlantic City, New York, Las Vegas, Reno, San Diego, Los Angeles, and more! Let us know which city you would like to have our talent assist you at and we can provide you a quote and a list of the local ring girls to choose from!