Dallas Trade Show Models – SharePoint TechFest

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Dallas Trade Show Models

We sent our Dallas Trade Show Models to the SharePoint TechFest this past week at the Irving Convention Center.  Share Point Tech Fest is an event created to educate attendees on SharePoint solutions and services.  With breakout sessions, speakers, an expo, and networking opportunities within the conference – it is a place geared towards learning and education.

For more info on our talent: 707-968-7536  info@motivatedmodels.com

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The models chosen by the client helped pass out premiums, increase brand awareness, and to put a face to the company name.  Kristen and Thaly had a great time at the event, they enjoyed engaging consumers with educating dialogue.  The attendees loved the giveaways and speaking with the intelligent and attractive talent about the tech based bootcamps they were offering.

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Thaly is a bilingual promo model based in Dallas.  Her fluency in Spanish allowed her, and thus the client, to engage, attract, and educate English as well as Spanish speaking consumers.  The IT professionals in attendance were educated on the bootcamps the client had which spanned in concept from SharePoint servers to VMWare to Visual Studio and online security, and then some.

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Motivated Models is proud to offer multilingual talent to allow our clients to increase their reach, open up their company up to international business, and provide a personal touch for those they already do business with that are also multilingual. Hispanic models are great for Dallas, Texas shows because it attracts many people based in Mexico.

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Our trade show models are a great way for clients to reduce travel costs by hiring a local.  These men and women are professional, outgoing, and easily learn product information to seamlessly blend with our client full-time staff.

To learn more about our services, to request a quote, or to book a multilingual talent or trade show hostess – contact us today! Our company spans coast to coast in the US including Dallas as well as the UK and Canada. 707-968-7536 info@motivatedmodels.com