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Motivated Models provides trade show model and talent for exhibitor booths across the country and world-wide. Our elite group of trade show models are professional, outgoing, intelligent, attractive, and result-driven. By providing a measurable return on our clients marketing investment, we have been able to increase client trade show success and grow our working relationship. 707-968-7536

Trade Show Model, Trade Show Models

By elevating a brand through wardrobe and words, our pre-trained talent walk onto the show floor with a general understanding of the industry as well as the products and services the client offers.  Being able to intelligently discuss new releases, what is going on at the booth, and answering basic company questions – they blend in with full-time staff.

Trade Show Hostess, Tradeshow Hostess

They critically act as a face to the company, they are the first person passers-by see and attendees engage with.  By greeting and speaking with consumers, our talent can qualify leads and pass on decision makers to sales staff, engineers, or other company full-time employees for further discussion.  This also allows them to keep ‘browsers’ at bay and focus all the full-time employees on developing and nurturing important relationships rather than answering mundane questions from those that are not in a position to purchase, innovate, or partner.  At many trade shows, expos, events, conventions, trade fairs, and business events students and general public often have access to the event in which case the trade show hostess is the perfect person for them to interact.

Trade Show Model
Trade Show Model

Many of our sophisticated talent are also bilingual! If you are looking to increase your international relations you should think about bringing on an interpreter! Speaking everything from Spanish to Portuguese to Hindi to Mandarin to German to Italian to French to Cantonese to Japanese and everything in between!

If you are interested in learning more about our services, would like a quote for your upcoming event, or want to book a trade show model today – contact us! 707-968-7536