Why is Experiential Marketing Successful

Why is Experiential Marketing Successful

Why is Experiential Marketing Successful, you may ask - well, there are a multitude of reasons! Experts have identified it as a growing marketing tactic strictly due to its success.  With a projected 7.8% growth this year, what seems to be Red Bull's initiative to create multisensory events is catching on.  Not only is Experiential Marketing Successful but it is that much more successful in the digital age!  To be competitive as a company, brand, product - get on the bandwagon and put your die-hard advocates to work for you!  Get into experiential marketing by executing events that excite the senses.

The marketing world formerly relied on street teams to pass out samples.  These common campaigns measured success by how many premiums, samples, freebies were given away. Although it was simple and straight forward - it lacked a lasting impression on the consumers,  it didn't live far beyond the event execution, and it was hard to identify its impact.

With the technology and internet world growing and expanding, the companies that emerged and quickly grew this past decade realized they could spend less money on marketing and have a greater reach if they came up with a creative stunt to be experienced and then shared via the world wide web.  These 'crazy' concepts i.e. experiential marketing not only allow for the brands to be recognized but to go viral.  Point and case, the dollar Shave Club's epic viral video http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ The added talk about the company/brand/product on the internet was measurable and it always helps with search engine marketing!

What does this mean? Those that believe in the brand will go to work spreading the word!  They will post photos, tweet, Facebook, upload videos, and share their experience with their friends via social media.  That brand impression given from friend to friend is strong and has a bigger impact than any other form of media - it is the holy grail.  Secondly, the continual talk about the brand and general chatter is an invaluable residual effect that will live far beyond the marketing event itself.  The upfront cost in many cases will be higher than a street team sampling event, but the reach will be much greater and will continue over longer period of time.

From tight rope walkers in the middle of Time Square relaying messages for a health insurance company to the now trending Flash Mobs made famous by Oprah and even the wacky VIP parties put on by Red Bull - if you experience it through sight, sound, smell, taste, and feel - an authentic relationship between the brand and the consumer has been created.

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Why else would Microsoft send these guys in to all their store for the XBox product launch complete with food, music, videos, and a little song/dance?

And...this is just the surface as to why is experiential marketing successful!

Motivated Models is an experiential marketing agency that helps companies, brands, and products leave a lasting impression with their consumers.  From the creative side to event execution we have the experience, professionalism, and outside the box thinking to give you an edge on your competition.  Contact us today to learn more about our services, request a quote for an existing project, or for help on creating a unique impressionable event.  707-968-7536 info@MotivatedModels.com www.motivatedmodels.com/contact

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