Trade Show QR Codes – Increase Show Interactivity

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Trade Show QR Codes – Increase Show Interactivity

Trade Show QR Codes have many benefits. For those that don’t know – a QR code is a funny looking square box made of marks. It is similar to a bar code in concept. It is unique and by scanning it (with your smart-device) you are given information, brought to a web link, prompted to call a phone number, or can obtain media.

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If you haven’t noticed a QR code, your eyes aren’t open. They are on most major consumer goods: cereal boxes, ketchup bottles, displays at the auto dealership, magazine ads, retail windows, and so forth. In a small print space they can pack a lot of information. They are hot among the forward thinking marketing directors running the bulk of sales in the country. The real question is, why? And, should you join in with Trade Show QR Codes?

A lot of the popularity has to do with the cost. QR codes are relatively inexpensive (you can create a QR code in a matter of minutes) and it is free to generate. They are also easy to track. It is one of the few ways a marketing professional can track the number of people a specific ad campaign impacts (by the number of people so enticed that they checked out your site/special link/view exclusive media via the QR code). And, with all that being said – if you have the print space for it – why not include one!

Do you want to make Trade Show QR Codes? Check out some of these websites:

Trade Show QR Codes cater toward the forward thinking client. Typical exhibitors place them at their products and will point the QR code to a link where the attendee can download product literature. It can also be used to prompt them for their email, grant them exclusive offers or discounts, allow them to download media, or access a link where they can enter a contest.

As a trade show planner, get your attendees involved! A great trade show marketing idea can be structured around QR Codes.  Have your attendees take part in a scavenger hunt!  Have a series of QR codes placed over the trade show floor or throughout the hosting city.  The first clue is given via QR Code and they need to figure out (based on that clue, map, photo, video, text, link) where the next QR code is.  So on and so forth until they are lead to a prize (maybe a free lunch spot, a celebrity appearance, a swag bag).  People love competition, it is easy to set up, and it can allow for trade show sponsors to get their company’s media / exhibitor booth / new product involved.

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For more information on how to set up your trade show to benefit from QR codes or why your exhibitor booth should use QR codes, contact us today! We are a trade show marketing company providing trade show planners and exhibitors with unique concepts that give a measurable return on investment.  Our trade show marketing, media, and modeling services are result driven, contact us today to learn more or for a quote: 707-968-7536