Voli Vodka Pitbull Appearance in Chicago

Voli Vodka Pitbull Appearance in Chicago

Voli Vodka and Pitbull are one in the same (well, and Fergie).  Do you live in Chicago and LOVE Pitbull? Well, hopefully you made it to the Pitbull celebrity appearance in Chicago on July 27th from 3-6pm at the flagship Walgreen’s store at State and Randolph.  He is shedding light on the hot vodka brand, Voli.  Voli is the worlds first lite vodka with 40% fewer calories than the competition. It is also the ONLY vodka on the market that is infused with electrolytes – so yes, it helps prevent hangovers!  We provided liquor brand ambassadors to assist with the event by managing the line, making sure everyone know the brand talking points and helping with the event step and repeat.

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The crowd came early and the line was long, but for the first 500 it was well worth it! They were able to meet and get a photo taken with Mr. Worldwide himself! Check out some of the photos from the event, what a fun time!

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The line was very long, wrapping all the way around the block!  Luckily Chicago had the sun shining to keep the adoring Pitbull fans not too hot and not too cold! Pitbull came for about an hour an met with his fans and signed Voli Vodka bottles. He did the celebrity thing – take a few hundred photos with his biggest fans.  The Walgreens store had a DJ playing some of Mr. Worldwides jams and the Voli models were handing out samples galore!

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Voli has several flavors out including the new MANGO!! If you are looking to make some skinny cocktails with low cal vodka alternatives – be sure to get your hands on Voli! It’s delicious (especially in Raspberry-Coca, Lemon, Orange-Vanilla, or the brand new MANGO).

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