Bilingual Brand Ambassadors at People en Espanol

Bilingual Models

Bilingual Brand Ambassadors

Motivated Models staffed Bilingual Brand Ambassadors for the People En Espanol event in San Antonio representing Target last month.  Our Spanish-speaking talent interacted with the attendees reinforcing the brand, the products Target carries, and the overall experience the attendees had with the Target sponsored event.

There were two portions of the People en Espanol event: the convention center and the concert which was held at the Alamodome.

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The convention center portion which was open to the public daily and had a trade show / convention feel to it. The booths in the San Antonio Convention Center were the event sponsors as well as others that impact the Spanish community. Our Bilingual Brand Ambassadors were helping out at both areas of the event.

Bilingual Models
Bilingual Models

The concept was A Todo Color con Target. They had bilingual brand ambassadors stationed applying ponds products to attendees faces. It removed all the makeup, dirt, and oil which prepared their skin for the makeup station!
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There attendees could get their face cleansed with ponds products then a makeup artist would apply Set makeup in a chic format.
People en espanol makeup artist
There were nail stations where cosmetologist would apply Essie nail polish to the attendees nails in very popular summer colors.
Essie nail polish traget cosmotologist make up artist people en espanol texas san antonio target convention beauty
These are the Set makeup from Target that the makeup artists were using.
Set makeup target people en espanol
There were several bilingual brand ambassadors positioned around the booth at the convention center giving away beauty bags courtesy of target! It had some Set products, Essie products, and other little goodies and coupons for the attendees!
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They had a dance station on the other side of the booth. People could compete on the Xbox Connect Dance game to win tickets to the concert later that night.
Event Dancers, Bilingual Dancers, xbox dancers, connect dancers, experiential marketing dancers
The light-up dance floor made it a very cool sight to see!
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Our event bilingual photographer was working the Target People En Espanol Red Carpet capturing photos of attendees at the step and repeat banner.  These photos were instantly uploaded to Instagram and printed for attendees to take with them. What a great technology idea!
Instagram Marketing Event Idea Concept
They had an interactive screen at the event lounge which showed some of the uploads created on Twitter featuring the #FestivalPeople hash-tag!
People En Espanol Twitter Feed Event Live Interaction Interactivity
The State Farm booth had character artists drawing attendees in cartoon format. The People en Espanol event attendees took these art pieces home with them, what a great idea!
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They had a Zona de Ninos which gave parents a place that small children could enjoy.
People En Espanol
It featured a clown, a puppet area, and some crafts!
Trade show event staff talent clown agency hire book balloon artist san antonio people en espanol
The Jeep booth had a spin wheel of prizes attendees could win. The bilingual brand ambassadors interacted with the crowd, educating them on the various Jeep cars!

Bilingual Brand Ambassadors
Bilingual Brand Ambassadors

Spin to win marketing concept at the Jeep booth!
Prince Royce Event Staff
The Prince Royce concert took place at the Alamodome one night. This Spanish Heart Throb Singer and Pop Star wooed the audience. This was a fabulous showing right before his act was over!
People En Espanol bilingual staffing agency
We had more of our bilingual brand ambassadors at the Alamodome. They distributed the Target beauty bags to concert patrons as they exited.  75,000 beauty bags later, the two-day People en Espanol event came to a close.  It was a great San Antonio event for families, couples, and children alike!

Motivated Models staffed the People en Espanol event. We are a bilingual brand ambassador staffing agency for San Antonio, Texas, and coast to coast in the USA. Contact us today to learn more about our services, to request a quote, or to book your next event that requires Spanish-speaking models!