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Trade Show Models

It was to my surprise that even veteran marketing managers for well know fortune 500 companies are not aware of the caliber of Trade Show Models available these days!  During my visit to VMWorld I had a few meetings with various companies.  I discussed, among other things, how the show was going for them.  Having several clients at the show, I was well aware of the success that was being had elsewhere at both large and small booths alike.  It was to my dismay that the company I was meeting with had only a few hundred leads for the entire event.  The total number of leads was less than the number of leads brought in by each of our talent at any of our clients booths each DAY.

Trade Show Model Lead Generator Increase Booth Leads
Trade Show Model Lead Generator Increase Booth Leads

I explained to her that there is a reason why trade show talent are hired – they are effective. They know how to approach attendees, how to pursued them to stop, how to pitch them, how to qualify them, and how to do so in an engaging and inviting way.   Her company opted to spend a lot of money on a photobooth they integrated into their booth design.  The problem – a photo booth doesn’t talk. It doesn’t do anything except take pictures that one of her own booth staff had to man.  At the end of the day, if your employees don’t know how to be aggressive, outgoing, and engaging – it doesn’t matter. Not even the most trendy eye-catching booth concept will replace the ability to speak and convert attendees to leads. A little bit of trade show advice: learn how to engage attendees or hire someone who can (our trade show models are great at it)!

Crystal (above) and Brittni (below) were VMWorld Trade Show models working the 2012 VMWorld show at the Moscone center in San Francisco assisting their client to increase overall leads and to qualify leads.   They aren’t your typical VMWorld booth babe. They are geeks: they understand the lingo, they understand how to qualify leads, and they are professional trade show models that (after speaking with attendees) sound like an employee of the company they represent.  Their clients love them not because they are attractive, but because they each brought in a few hundred to over a thousand leads each day.  They were able to do that because they are engaging, aggressive, and outgoing.

You can learn a lot from high quality trade show talent.  One thing you should notice is where they are: at the edge of the booth and at times in the aisle.  To be successful at a show your booth staff (and trade show models) need to work.  They need to get out there and be friendly, inviting, engaging.  If you have staff sitting around, positioned in the inside of the booth, not speaking to attendees passing by (even a simple, “Hi, how are you today” goes a long way) and not excited to be there – it will impact your bottom line.

Hire a Trade Show Model

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Some tricks to get your staff into the swing of things is through competition.  It makes the day go by quicker, is a great way to boost morale, and the future of your company will reap the sales and lead rewards.  At the PackExpo in Las Vegas and Chicago a company was struggling to get the show to pay for itself let alone hit a profit.  Then, one year they started a lead generation competition among their own booth staff during the 4 day show.  The person that had the most qualified leads each day received a $100 gift card and they also gave out a gift card for the highest sale closed during the show.  All the sudden, their staff looked alive. Their morale was up, their lead totals were up, and they did what any good competitor would do – they scoped out the competition / their fellow employees and picked up good techniques.

The shows are what you make it. It is a waste of time and money to go to a trade show without a plan. Make sure your employees are prepared, have the right tools, know what is expected, and understand what needs to be done to reach your show goals.

Trade Show Model, Trade Show Models, Trade Show Modeling Agency
Trade Show Model, Trade Show Models, Trade Show Modeling Agency

We offer trade show models that can assist your trade show booth to increase the volume of leads obtained as well as the quality of leads obtained.  If you want to forego hiring Trade Show Models our Trade Show Model Agency can teach your staff proper technique to maximize your success at a trade show.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services, request a quote, or to book trade show models for your show!