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CES Models

Thinking of hiring CES Models in Las Vegas? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We not only have beautiful talent but they are also smart and tech savvy. If what you want is an increase in leads and sales from someone you’ll love to look at and listen to, our talent is the best in the business. They use tactics that effectively attract, engage, and educate consumers then ask a series of questions to qualify the potential client.  No, they’re not just another pretty face. Contact Motivated Models here for more information.

CES models, ces model, ces hostess, ces booth babe, ces booth babes

Sound too good to be true? Seeing is believing, check out the video below. Brittni brought in over 1000 leads per day and of those, was able to qualify a few hundred leads each day of the trade show.  If you listen, she qualifies the lead then passes off that hot lead (after all he has a few thousand servers) to an available sales staff.

Each company has different goals, but if you are looking for quantity AND quality, take note on her approach.  Cloud computing hardware isn’t the easiest thing to understand either but Brittni and our other CES models learn it all with ease. What if someone is not a hot lead? Then the talent kindly closes the conversation and enters into another with a new attendee. Focusing their time on qualified attendees helps their client increase their sales, leads and overall ROI.

We also staff CES models for clients with more basic needs.  Check out CES brand ambassador Kristen working the Philips-O’Neill mobile booth right outside the LVCC last year. She took the new consumer product and demonstrated it to consumers during the event. Her bubbly personality helped increase social media traffic which was their goal, the event was a huge success.


Your marketing strategy is up to you, from leads to brand awareness to social media traffic to increasing sales in the pipeline to product demonstrations for bloggers to a public relation specialist for all the CES media to a CES presenter showcasing your new items.  One thing is the same, Motivated Models has the ability to provide the most attractive and well-educated talent to assist you at your booth.

Motivated Models provides CES models for the Las Vegas 2013 show in January. Contact us today for more information on our services, to request a quote for your needs, or to book CES models! 707-968-7536 info@MotivatedModels.com

ces hostess, ces models, ces model

Anna has worked the CES trade show several years and is fabulous!

CES models

Michelle is not only a trade show model, but an actress as well. She easily memorizes information and product speaking points.

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Kristen is versatile, a small business owner herself she understands the importance of creating a relationship with the potential client and sales are her strength.

Contact us to see more of our CES models and talent here!