PackExpo Trade Show Models Chicago

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PackExpo Trade Show Models

Our Chicago PackExpo trade show models will be busy from October 28-31, 2012.  Our clients are coming back for another great year of Packaging industry news, innovation, and networking.  High-speed camera companies and PMMI are among our top clients keeping our Chicago trade show models schedules booked!  To learn more about our PackExpo trade show models contact us today 707-968-7536

PackExpo Trade Show Models

The PackWest show took place earlier this year and our packexpo trade show models assisted the client by increasing booth traffic and increasing trade show leads.

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The Arpac group had Maria assist at the Las Vegas show in 2011. She is available to help doing product demos as a Chicago PackExpo trade show model!

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Liz was a Maxim hometown hottie representing Chicago. She traveled to the Las Vegas PackExpo show last year and worked in a satellite booth.  Liz conducted high-speed camera demonstrations.  She is a Chicago trade show model available for the PackExpo show this year too!

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Melissa helped out at the Las Vegas PackExpo trade show last year. Her ample experience brought a lot of leads and traffic to her clients booth.  She is a Las Vegas Trade Show Model available for the PackExpo in 2013.

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Jessica is a multilingual trade show model, fluent in English and Spanish.  She was tasked to help build a lead list for her client by scanning as many badges as possible.  Jessica is a Las Vegas trade show model and available with our other packexpo trade show models for the show in 2013.

PackExpo Trade Show Models, Pack_Expo_PackExpo_Las_vegas_2011_Tradeshow_Trade_show_Convention_Model_Talent_Spokesmodel_Booth_Babes_Hostess_Motivated_Models_1_Red_Head_Redhead_Tre_Fit_Staffing_Agency_1_Australian_Accent

Tre is Australian. She has an accent the attendees love and they effortlessly volunteer to listen to her demo packaging equipment.  She was able to quickly learn the product information and look good while doing it.

Contact us today to learn more about our trade show services! We staff Chicago packexpo models and Las Vegas packexpo models for our clients’ booths.  Our intelligent and attractive trade show models quickly learn product information, relay that information to attendees, and qualify leads to better utilize sales staff time at the show and post-show follow-up after.  707-968-7536