Trade Show Tips – 12 Tips for New Trade Show Models

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Trade Show Tips for New Trade Show Models

LOCATION Trade Show Tips #1.  Trade show models should know where the venue is at, how to get there, and how long it will take in worst-case-scenario traffic. Always leave early, always. I am from the suburbs and when I drive to a show I leave 2 hours early. Yes, 2 hours. I use the extra time to do my makeup and eat my breakfast. If I am cutting it close I forego my breakfast.

HOURS Trade Show Model Tips #2.  Know what time you need to report to the booth, the working hours, and how long and/or when you are supposed to take your breaks.

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BADGES Trade Show Exhibitor Tips #3.  Trade show models, know WHERE and WHEN to pick up your trade show badge. Sometimes you’ll get your badge in the mail, sometimes you’ll meet the client to pick up your badge, sometimes you’ll have to pick it up from exhibitor badge registration. Be cognizant of where and when to start your show off on the right foot!

WARDROBE Trade Show Tips #4.  Trade show models, know your company’s dress code. If you are wearing a uniform, be sure to bring it if it was distributed before the show or shipped to your house. Steam and iron your clothes, it’s your clients big event for the year – act as if it is your only and only event. Dress to impress, if you are new to trade shows be sure you own a black pencil skirt, nice black closed-toed heels, a white tight-fitting button down blouse, and a tight-fitting black blazer. That is always acceptable attire for a technology or medical show.

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CLIENT Trade Show Tip #5.  Know what your client is expecting from you, who your on site contact is, and if you are given information be sure to print it out and bring a copy with you to the show. If you are not given any product information, be a good trade show model by looking up and retaining some key points: their head quarter location, how long they’re in business, a general overview of what they offer, and think up a good one-liner about the company.

STORAGE SPACE Trade Show Tips #6.  You don’t want your purse or bag lying around on the show floor. Pack light and only bring the necessities. If you have a lot you need to bring, ask you agent to ask the client about the room at the booth.

SHOES Trade Show Attendee Tips #7.  Bring a nice pair of professional close toed black flats as a backup shoe, always. Period. You’ll want to wear them on your break and walking to and from transportation. Plus, maybe your client will allow you to wear them in the afternoon!  These Steve Madden black trade show flats are $30 at Nordstrom. Target, Macy’s and most clothing stores should also carry a similar product.

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PHONE Trade Show Tip #8.  Never have your phone on you during an event. If you want to know the time, wear a watch because checking your phone during the day is not professional. Your job is to be there working for them during the designated hours. Doing otherwise reflects poorly on you, your agency, and the client.

FEET Trade Show Tips #9.  If you are not accustom to wearing heels or have a brand new pair of heels you’ll be wearing for a show (avoid if possible and break your shoes in before a show), I would like to introduce you to this product by BandAid called Friction Block. Put it on all those spots that rub and you’ll avoid blisters. You can thank us later 🙂 Costs $6-12.

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COLDNESS Trade Show Tip #10.  Trade shows are notorious for being cold, especially if you’re at a booth all day and don’t have the luxury of walking around. My special product to remedy this situation is by ThermaCare. We like the neck and back ones. Open the package when the show starts, peel off the backing and stick it on your back under your shirt. It will keep you warm for up to 8 hours! If you have chilly hands, place them over the heat pad and warm them up throughout the day. Costs $6-10

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MEDICAL NEEDS Trade Show Tips #11.  People get sick, tired, fight colds, etc. Most convention centers have a medical station, know where your venue’s is located. Use it as a resource if you aren’t feeling well, the usually have: aspirin, allergy medicine, bandages, etc. Best of all, it’s free and knowing where it is at will make a great talking point if you hear someone isn’t having the best day.

AGENT Trade Show Tips #12.  Trade show models, stay in touch with your agent. If you want to get more work moving forward, communication is key. It is a nice gesture to send photos, videos, and a post event recap even when they do not request it. Going above and beyond helps to leave a positive impression and to stay on the top of their list of talent to book! You’re they’re eyes and ears so keep them in the loop.

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