IMTS trade show models – Chicago Trade Show Hostesses

IMTS trade show models – Chicago Trade Show Hostesses

Our IMTS trade show models donned McCormick place in Chicago this past September representing some of the best companies in International Manufacturing and Technology. The Chicago trade show hostesses assisted our clients in generating leads, demonstrating products, attracting and engaging attendees, and so much more!

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From IMTS trade show hostesses that distribute literature, scan badges, collect cards, and answer basic questions to the fully trained IMTS trade show presenters, our Chicago trade show models never had a dull moment during the week long industry event in Chicago.

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The most fascinating thing about the show is the amount of time it takes to setup and tear down the large booths and the equipment they house. This Chicago convention showcases some of the largest manufacturing equipment the world offers, the type of manufacturing equipment that develops plane parts and parts for other machines.  They are large, they are heavy,  they are expensive, and they take a lot of coordinating to move.  Often times, our clients will spend 1-2 weeks setting up and an additional 1-2 weeks to tear down and move their large pieces.

IMTS trade show models

The show itself was hustle and bustle with the big draw being a 3D printed car that was being created at the show near the entrance of the North hall of McCormick Place. This type of technology will change the way manufacturing is done and we can’t wait to see what the 2016 show brings!

Exhibitors noted that although attendance was said to be up from years past, they saw an increase in students and families walking the floor opposed to more decision makers.


If you are interested in hiring IMTS trade show talent for the IMTS 2016 show at McCorrmick place in Chicago, contact us today! Our well spoken, friendly, outgoing, intelligent talent will provide a measurable return on your marketing investment 707-968-7536