Angie Layton – Featured Talent – Salt Lake City, UT

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Angie Layton – Featured Talent – Salt Lake City, UT

Angie Layton is one of our featured talent. She resides in Salt Lake City, Utah but travels all the time and has a smile our clients adore! Her claim to fame is being Miss Utah and taking part in the reality show Survivor (Season 25)!  Although she didn’t win the CBS competition, she is still a winner in our book.

Recently Angie worked with our client for the AAPEX trade show filming industrials, demo videos, taking part in a photo shoot for calendars she signed at the trade show and more. Because of her height and measurements, Angie does a lot of work as a prom dress and bridal dress print and fit model.


If you are interested in hiring Angie for your next trade show, print, or on camera opportunity – contact us today: 707-968-7536

You can see her comp sheet here: