Converse Gallery Opening

Converse Gallery Opening

Motivated Models provided alternative Los Angeles brand ambassadors for the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers “Made by You” Gallery opening which was an experiential, art-centric specialty event for the iconic fashion company.  With hundreds of people filtering through the exhibit each day, it was a great success and will further maintain Chucks as an iconic fashion piece for people from all walks of life.


It’s been nearly 100 years the iconic Converse brand has graced our presence and not only are we celebrating, but they want to celebrate their beloved fans turning the blank canvas shoes into self-expression works of art.


Unique, mounted, converse shoe artwork filled the walls at Project Gallery located in the Santa Monica area of greater Los Angeles.

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The exhibit opened on April 30th, 2015 and ran through May 6th, 2015 with afternoon and evening hours.

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Each area had a listening station where the Converse shoe artwork had additional information for the event goers.

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As the story goes, this spring campaign for their Chuck Taylor sneakers is comprised of photographs of shoes that were transformed by adoring fans across the globe and photographed.


The audio that goes along with it tell the exact story by the owner and artist of that particular pair of shoes.

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As a pop up event, most of the production happened during the months leading up to the actual gallery opening. From identifying candidates with worthy Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers to be featured, to getting them photographed and having their stories captured, to identifying the space and coordinating setup and execution staff – it was no small task.

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Converse is all about self expression and this campaign celebrates just that. The various ways you can make the iconic sneaker your own – and how everyone does.

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I remember when I first saw a pair, it was as a child while watching Sandlot and they have been just as stylish before as well as ever since.

Motivated Models is an event staffing agency with talent coast to coast. For this campaign we provided Los Angeles brand ambassadors to assist with the launch party, explain the premise behind the campaign and assist with the listening stations during the run. If you are interested in hiring brand ambassadors for your event, contact us today! 707-968-7536