How Much do Trade Show Models Get Paid?

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How Much do Trade Show Models Get Paid?

Being a trade show model has its perks and with it comes a lot of requirements. With the allure of the job, we get a lot of talent looking to get into the industry inquiring, “How much do trade show models get paid?” But, it’s not a straight forward answer.

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Much of what a trade show model gets paid is determined by the following:

  • What experience they have (professional, modeling, and live event experience)
  • What skills they bring to the table (language fluency, tech skills, certifications, educational background)
  • The way they look (clients seeks tall, well-proportioned talent with an approachable appearance)
  • The marketing material on file including photos, videos and resume details
  • Their availability
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Talent that is new to the industry or agency typically needs to ‘pay their dues’ compared those that have a good reputation with ample experience.  A trade show hostess doesn’t make as much as a trade show presenter or a trade show translator as they have a unique skill set the client was seeking.

Trade Show Models can make anywhere from $25-$150/hour depending on the client request and what they’re bringing to the table. Keep in mind agencies typically take out a 20% (or higher) fee on anything due to the talent.

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