What is a Trade Show Model?

what is a trade show model

What is a Trade Show Model?

We’re a trade show modeling agency and understand that a trade show model might be a confusing term. So, what is a trade show model anyway? Well, a trade show model is someone that was hired to work a trade show, expo or convention for a company or brand that they do not work for on a regular basis. Often times they’re hired through a trade show modeling agency like ours, Motivated Models.

The term model in trade show model might throw you off. A trade show model doesn’t have to be a model in the traditional sense. Their appearance including height, age and gender all vary.  However, quite often trade show models are 5’8” or taller for females and 6’0” or taller for males with approachable looks and well-proportioned measurements.

The purpose of a trade show model is for an exhibitor, company or brand to hire additional help for their booth or event.  A trade show model is typically a well-educated individual with an outgoing personality, warm demeanor and approachable look that can assist the company out. Trade show models will be hired to generate leads, hand out promotional items, scan badges, demonstrate products or services the company is offering or even act as a fit model and try on various clothing items for prospective buyers (like trying on wedding dresses for the Bridal market trade show where bridal houses buyers like Davids Bridal (for example) may come to buy gowns for their stores).

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