VMWorld Marketing Ideas

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VMWorld Marketing Ideas

Here are a few photos from the show!  To all those trade show marketing professionals – take note on some of the concepts you are going up against!

Of course you can’t get anywhere at the show without your VMWorld badge, this is the VMWolrd attendee and exhibitor registration area. Luckily things were streamlined and there seemed to be a very short line and almost no wait!

VMWorld 2012, vmworld registration, vmworld badge

Then, if you were an attendee you received the coveted VMWorld Swag Bag – the official VMWorld Backup. Check it out in all its glory – heavy-duty!

VMWorld backpack, vmworld 2012

If that exhausted you, the VMWorld 2012 Expo portion opened on a SUNDAY this year so take a load off at one of the many exhibitor booth presentation areas. This was the very colorful Intel booth!

Intel, vmworld, vmworld 2012, booth, vmworld booth, intel booth, intel vmworld, vmworld intel

If you don’t like those seats, try out the these trade show booth beanbag seats at the Dell presentation area.  Ooooh, the Dell booth has a spin wheel too!

Don’t like that Dell spin wheel? Try the Spin Wheel at Fast Lane, 1 in 36 win a flying Monkey!

VMWorld marketing, vmworld prize wheel, prize wheel, giveaway, spin to win, trade show spin wheel, trade show, spin wheel

Don’t want their prize monkey? Didn’t win one? Head over to the Xsigo trade show booth at VMWorld.  They had flying monkeys galore! Screaming, Flying, Super Hero Monkeys – to be exact!  What a great trade show giveaway!

VMWorld, xsigo, flying monkey, monkey, monkeys, 2012, giveaway, prize, prizes

Don’t like free monkeys? What about free CASH? Yes, well head over to Nexenta VMWorld booth for a $500 cash prize! A small consolation considering the high price tag to come to the show, don’t you think?

Didn’t win the cash? Try your hand at the Xsigo Xbox Kinect giveaway that happened daily. BUT, I think your odds might have been better with the cash after all.

Most people were exhausted walking around, be sure to stop by the game room! Oooh, ahhhh!

Then head over to Whiptale and wait in a long line for a celebrity autograph. Yes, it’s that guy from Star Trek – Brent Spiner. Yes, he will take a picture with you and sign his autograph on his photo. Yes, he was at the VMWorld show everyday. Yes, the line was long but it was worth it 🙂

vmworld 2012, celebrity appearance, brent spiner, star trek

Don’t like long lines? Well, don’t go to Coraid. They had lines at every corner – people waiting for their character drawing / print out.

Coraid, vmworld, vmworld 2012, coraid booth, vmworld coraid, coraid vmworld, charater, character drawing, booth idea, booth concept, booth marketing, increase trade show leads

Gambling in Vegas, yes please. Fake gambling at VMWorld, shockingly not quite as popular.  The handshake over the roulette table – standard.

roulette table, roulette game, trade show roulette, roulette trade show, gambling trade show, casino trade show, trade show casino, booth theme

Who needs gambling anyways when there are superheros around. Xangati introduced their superhero concept and mascot at the show – cat eye contacts, bleach blond hair, leather and all! They too had a long line of attendees waiting to get their picture taken with her.  All that waiting in line and walking around is exhausting, break time again – licensed massage therapists to the rescue! Thank you VMWorld!

VMWorld massage, licensed massage therapist, trade show massage therapist, trade show masseuss, trade show chair massage

But not before getting your badge scanned.

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And probably being pitched, qualified as a lead, and asked a bunch of questions. The VMWorld trade show models were in full force attracting attention, engaging attendees, and educating the VMWorld geeks on the latest and greatest in cloud computing!

The people scanning your badges and pitching you will probably be a pretty San Francisco trade show model so you won’t even know what hit you!  Yes, the VMWorld trade show models and booth babes are undeniably the largest group of women in attendance!

VMWOrld booth babes, vmworld trade show model, vmworld trade show models, vmworld 2012, 2012, 2013, vmworld models, vmworld modeling agency, vmworld agency, vmworld lead generators, vmworld staff, vmworld hostess, vmworld booth hostess, vmworld presenter, vmworld narrator, vmworld crowd gatherer

Check out our trade show lead generators that brought in over 4,000 trade show leads at the show. Their client wanted to increase trade show booth traffic and increase leads, done and done!

There is ONE more big thing… the VMWorld Symantec Flash Mob.  I renamed this the flash parade – they danced in unison through the aisles so I think it is fitting. This happened on the first day, Sunday, around 5pm. Here’s a video in case you missed it!

And a cute little windup toy the Infoblocks booth was giving away, cute!

And that about sums up the show!  Hope you enjoyed and have some good marketing ideas for your booth!

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