How to Become a Ring Girl in 5 Steps

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How to Become a Ring Girl

You want to become a ring girl because, let’s face it, the job looks great. The model is front and center at epic fights where their job is to pose, hold ring cards and stand along side the winner post event for media opportunities. What’s not to like? But, it’s a coveted job that is difficult to get with a lot of models vying for the position. So, get ready to start preparing yourself!

#1) Hit the Gym

If you’re serious about wanting to become a ring girl at fights nights like the Octogon Girls or the UFC Ring Girls or MMA cage girls – you have to be fit.  Working out is essential unless you were blessed with abs upon exiting the womb.  The fighters are in shape and the women need to be fit with flat stomachs, toned arms and legs. The outfits the chosen talent wear are often tight and revealing, you want to have a body that can wear it well.

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#2) Pamper Your Skin

When you’re front and center, often times with cameras and videos being taken — the clients want ring girls with clear skin.  If mother nature isn’t on your side, working out helps push things out of your pores when you sweat but be sure to clean the sweat off shortly after.  Also, staying heavily hydrated is key. Water is a body cleanser, drink a lot of it. Avoid salty, sugary and fatty foods as well as drinks. Things with hormones like cheese, dairy and meats can cause outbreaks – you may need to cut down or avoid those foods if you’re having any flare ups. Alcohol is great once in a while but is known to irritate skin and dehydrate. Do so in moderation if you need to cleanse your skin.

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#3) Be Brand Ready

Ring girls have a certain look. This is a deliberate decision by the clients.  They want their brand to uphold a certain image to their consumers so to be considered for the position, work to fit the look. Often times this means long hair, a certain style of makeup (perhaps heavy eye makeup or lipstick choice), a tan or lack thereof and great teeth.  If the brand has certain body type requirements, this may or may not work to your advantage depending on your body. Often times, brands will have a height requirement or size requirement (for wardrobe).

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#4) Prepare Your Marketing Material

If you feel you’re ready, the next best thing is to prepare your marketing material. This means: professional photos (be sure to include swimwear to showoff your form and a nice smiling head shot), videos, stats (bust-waist-hips, shoe size, height, weight, eye color, hair color, hair length, skin color, dress size, age) and a resume outlining any pertinent print, promotional, marketing or event experience. Often times, event agencies may also want your educational information, a list of references, language fluency and additional skill sets.

dessie, photoshoot

#5) Find the Agency

If an event has a set of ring girls that are representing a brand, they are probably working with an agency. The best way to get the position is to find the agency. After finding the agent, assuming you fit the bill and are ready, present the agent via email / phone / snail mail / fax / in person with your marketing material. Often times, especially for a large fight or a fight circuit where you get to travel, they’ll have in person castings (or a virtual interview via Skype or GoToMeeting) and interviews as well as fittings. At Motivated Models, we staff Ring Girls for fight nights and special events across the nation.

If you’re interested in joining an agency that staffs ring girls, submit your information to Motivated Models for consideration here: New Talent Online Submission to become a ring girl.

Become a Fight Night Ring Girl

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Dessie is one of our talent and a Tecate Ring Girl. As you can see, the models Tecate picked for the big boxing event are all brunette with a look that theoretically appeals to their Spanish speaking target audience.

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Common Question: Are All Ring Girls From Las Vegas?

A lot of fight night events take place at casinos with the bulk of the headlining events taking place in Las Vegas. It is great if you’re located near there, but not always necessary that you are. For the larger events and brands, they will often fly talent to the main fight events and for the circuits when applicable. For instance, Dessie (above) is from LA but was brought to Las Vegas to work the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight. And, there are a lot of fight nights!  Many small events can take place at local country clubs or even gyms. It all depends on the event — and a small event is a great opportunity to get a feel for the position if you really want to become a ring girl.

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