TRADE SHOW SERVICES: Bilingual Translators and Interpreters

Whether you are at an international event or bringing international clients to meet with you at your company, the services of professional bilingual translators or interpreters can bridge the language barrier and create common ground. Motivated Model’s interpreters and translators are available for conventions and trade shows, VIP and welcome events, business meetings, conferences, expos, tours, as well as for airport and other visit transfers. They help your guests feel welcome, maintain proper cultural and custom behavior, and most importantly help you perform vital face-to-face communication while conveying your business concepts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. Have questions? Contact us: 707-968-7536

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Hire a Bilingual Translator or Interpreter

Contact us today for a no obligation quote on interpreter or translator to represent your company or assist at your next event!

Types: We offer simultaneous interpreters, most often used for large conferences, where the talent will translate what the speaker is saying as they are speaking. We offer consecutive interpreters, ideal for more intimate settings, where the the speaker speaks for a few minutes and then pauses after which the interpreter translates the message. And we also offer escort interpreters, ideal for informal settings, when the interpreter helps you host the client and act as a guide.

Languages: Our talent is available in multiple languages including but not limited to: English, American-Sign (sign language), Mandarin, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Serbian, Indonesian, Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Greek, and more! With over 6,000 languages spoken world-wide and nearly 100 languages in which our talent is fluent, if you have another language need please contact us as we did not list them all!