Costume Characters & Handler

Costume Characters attract and hold a crowd because they are friendly, outgoing and highly visible. They are a favorite at trade shows, company engagements, and children events – attracting, engaging, and posing for pictures with consumers and attendees alike, leaving a long memory and positive image of the brand they represent. Because it is a very high energy position, the costume character staff takes frequent breaks and must be accompanied by a costume handler to help be their eyes and keep track of time. To aid in the success of your event, a photographer can be utilized to help capture photos for the crowd and be made available on a website post event or printed out on the spot.

Hire a Costume Character

Contact us today for a no obligation quote on a costume character model to represent your company!

If you already have a costume, let us know the talent size requirements. If you are in need of a costume, Motivated Models has a costume designer on staff and partners with a costume rental shop, finding something to fit your company needs is just a step away!

Find a Costume Character for your next event!

Let us know here your event needs and we can take it from there, costume and talent alike!

If you want to reach us immediately:
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