Trade Show Crowd Gatherers

These talented crowd gatherers are models increase your trade show booth traffic with their enthusiasm, high energy, engaging verbiage, product knowledge, and natural zeal. They promote your company and products, scan badges, collect business cards, and pass out necessary literature with a smile. They work alongside your existing staff and other talent to make sure the booth is busy, seats at presentations are filled and that promotional activities and giveaways are being pushed to attendees.

Hire Sales Assistants

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The Difference:

We do all the work, you just sit back and relax: our staff is dedicated to your success and will create training materials for your chosen talents review, hold a training call with the talent to answer any questions and make sure they understand the material, and implement product and service quiz to make sure they fully retained the information. Motivated Models is the only agency that arms its staff with updated, current, and pertinent knowledge about the products and services your company is showcasing, turning them into a beautiful, enthusiastic, and intelligent extension of your sales staff. Within our hand picked and personally trained talent database are the names, profiles, educational information, resumes, and demo clips of crowd gatherers within most major cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Orlando, Washington DC, Dallas, Miami, and Denver. They can become a face of your company and travel with you to your various shows and tours or be hired as a local and available for a specific event.

These articulate, college educated, professional models are often used in conjunction with presenters and narrators, gathering crowds and filling seats for the scheduled or impromptu presentations.

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