Hire Stilt Walkers — Available Nationwide

If you’re looking to hire stilt walkers to enhance your next event, add an eye catching piece to your trade show booth or something fun for a step and repeat — look no further. Our talent are available nationwide with a series of outfits for every occasion. From holiday candy canes to Fourth of July red white and blue outfits two stories tall, we have it all. 707-968-7536

Hire Stilt Walkers

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Tips For Hiring Stilt Walkers

  • The talent work in waves where they will work a certain amount of time then get a little bit of time off. This is to give them a break and recoup before going back out to wow the crowd with high energy. Plus, they’ll need a bathroom break and a few sips of water every now and again.
  • We recommend hiring stilt walkers in pairs so the patrons at the bottom can be flanked on either side when taking photos (otherwise it may look a bit strange)
  • There are a limited amount of outfits but with enough notice something custom can be made to order for the event
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Contact us today if you are interested in hiring eye-catching, colorful, TALL, stilt walkers to spice up your events, trade shows, conventions, or parties!

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