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Our trade show lead generators have a general understanding for your company and know your strengths, the new products and services you are offering, and who your company caters towards. They understand how the target demographic of potential clients will benefit from what you offer, what the elevator pitch is for your company and how to give it in a non-abrasive manner. Whether you are interested in quantity or quality of leads, talent from Motivated Models will engage and approach everyone walking by, ask a few simple yet effective questions, and when necessary gather the attendees information through badge scanning or business card collecting. For those attendees that are qualified leads or if you are interested in onsite sales, the talent can pass the vetted potential client on to one of your veteran company staff to further build the company-client relationship and/or finish the sale. If applicable, along with the potential clients contact information, our models can also take notes on key qualifying variables and then pass them off to your staff to use in their current conversation or in follow-up calls. It’s a classy approach and it works!

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The Difference:

We do all the work, you just sit back and relax! Our staff is dedicated to your success and will create training materials for your chosen talents review, hold a training call with the talent to answer any questions and make sure they understand the material, and implement a product and service quiz to make sure they fully retained the information. Motivated Models is the only agency that arms its staff with updated, current, and pertinent knowledge about the products and services your company is showcasing, turning them into a beautiful, enthusiastic, and intelligent extension of your sales staff. Within our hand-picked and personally trained talent database are the names, profiles, educational information, resumes, and demo clips of lead generators coast to coast in the US and even internationally. They can become a face of your company and travel with you to your various shows and tours or be hired as a local and available for a specific event.

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