Motivated Models provides video game brand ambassadors trade show models that know how to play all the latest and greates consoles. Professional and casual PC, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Nintendo 3ds, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, android, iphone, app game playerss and more — we have geeky gamers to help you demonstrate your new cutting edge video games to the masses, engage attendees and PR in play, assist with resetting game demos and teaching others how to play. They are passionate about video games and are articulate with outgoing personalities.

Game Genres:

We have talent that enjoy a vast array of video game genres including MMO, RPG, RTS, TBS, TBT, racing, art, music, party and more! Lear about the chick gamers we have and their male model counterparts that enjoy playing video games in their spare time! Use their skills to help your company engage, educate and grow your brand!

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