Talent FAQs

Does it Cost Anything to Sign up?

No! We do not charge any fees to our talent to be represented by our agency.

How do I Apply?

Fill our our talent application here http://login.motivatedmodels.com/apply to be considered. We only accept talent submissions sent through the talent portal at this time.

How do I Know if I've been Approved?

After completing our talent application, an email will be sent within 1 week if you are approved.

What Paperwork is Required?

All talent working in the United States is required to submit a IRS W9 and event contract prior to working. Both are sent and expected to be signed electronically. Non-US talent working outside the US are required to submit an event contract and any additional paperwork as applicable to the country.

How long does it take to get paid?

Average processing time is 1 week with payment arriving in the form of a check within about 2 weeks. If we have an agent onsite during the last day of your booking, you’ll typically get paid on the last day. International talent are paid by wire transfer unless otherwise noted. For faster receipt, we can send payment via PayPal or the international equivalent for a small fee to cover the transaction cost (if applicable).

I list myself as available for many castings but I have yet to be selected to work. What am I doing wrong?

The talent industry is highly competitive. Once you apply to a job you are submitted to the client for review, it is at their discretion who they want to hire (not the agents). Most of the talent that gets booked has a strong bio that reflects their educational background and experience in the live event industry along with any pertinent skills and certifications, fresh photos, a few photos from events, and at least 1 video of them speaking.

If you are looking to be a stronger candidate that gets booked more often by our clients, feel free to beef up your profile. Here are a few examples of our client favorites:

How do I Remove my Account?

To remove your account, please delete all your photos/data from your profile and send an email to support@motivatedmodels.com with your request and subject line “Account Removal”

What type of Photos are Required?

  • We require at least 2 photos. They must be in .jpg format and larger than 300px x 300px.
  • Photos must be taken within the past 6 months, recent and reflect your current hair color, hair length and overall appearance
  • No comp cards, zed cards, or other photo colleges are allowed. They will be discarded.
  • Must not contain watermarks, logos or other marks due to potential copyright infringement
  • Nude, mostly nude and other tasteless poses are not acceptable
  • Images with your name and or contact information is not acceptable and will be deleted

How do I recieve Castings?

Once you created your profile, you are approved into our database and everything looks presentable we will start sending you castings via email. They will contain event information and a link to log in to list yourself as available. It is then up to each client, not Motivated Models, to select the model they wish to book. We will contact the talent they hope to hire and send along contracts to confirm. Simply listing yourself as available does not guarantee you are booked.

Where is Motivated Models Based?

Our main office is located in downtown Chicago, Illinois and we have satellite offices coast to coast.

Do You have Open Casting Calls?

Currently, Motivated Models does not have open casting calls. If you are interested in working with us complete a talent profile submission. We travel to select cities throughout the year for in-person castings and post notifications with details in advance.

How do I become a Presenter?

A presenter should have an agent friendly demo reel with no listing of personal information (i.e. it should not list your full name, phone number, email address or be uploaded on a site that has any of that information listed either). This reel can be comprised from previous events or mock events. It should showcase speaking ability, interview skills, emcee scenarios and ability to engage a crowd. Different clients look for different personalities so having a range of situations captured is ideal. Most presenters have ear prompter experience and own their equipment as well as teleprompter experience. You can find local classes to learn how to use ear prompter equipment so you can be better prepared for these castings. If you are making a mock presenter video, we suggest to memorize and present a script like this one in your video recording: Sample Auto Show Script

Why am I not displayed in the Talent section?

The talent publicly display is a small select list. All talent are searchable by clients and all talent can apply to castings they fit the criteria for.

Why Can't I Apply to an Event?

If there is an open event but when you try to apply it doesn’t allow you to, you either don’t fit the criteria or the client has already indicated you do not fit the type of person they are looking to hire.

I've Tried Contacting my Agent with Questions but Never Heard Back, Why?

We have hundreds of applicants each week, and we simply cannot speak with each one of you individually or help you walk through the app. Our apologies. We have a list of FAQ’s and detailed information withing in each casting once logged in.

Password Issues

If you have a profile, please use your email to request a password reset from the talent login. If you don’t see an email with a new password, check your spam and inbox for an email from address mailer@agencyalchemy.com with the subject ‘Your password has been reset.’ Keep in mind, if you still are having issues, it may be because you’re trying from your smartphone. Put it in desktop mode or try from your home computer. If the issue persists, contact us at booking@MotivatedModels.com

How do I Add Videos to my Profile?

​You need to add only the last portion of the YouTube link. I.e. for a video with link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9zYNCYfWtg
You’ll add O9zYNCYfWtg into the blank when you go to add videos. It’s the portion after v=
It notes this next to the field from the talent portal when you go to add it, but it may be confusing. Other video links or files will not be displayed. We are unable to accept videos from other sources or video files at this time, they must be uploaded to YouTube to be displayed on your account.

Is There a Age Restriction for Talent?

Most of our castings are for adults 21 years of age and older as the bulk of our clients are in the medical and technology industry and are looking for people with a polished professional look. But, we do have client requests for children and young adults from time to time as well as print, TV and video opportunities for talent of all ages.

Do I Have to Be Tall?

No, we’re a trade show and live event staffing company as well as a traditional modeling agency. We cast and book models, talent, artists and entertainment with a vast array of looks, ages, and races.

When I Apply to a Job, Why Does it Say 'Ask Your Agency Administrator to Consider You For this Position'?

It means that by clicking the ‘Available’ button for a casting job, you are asking your agent to consider you for the position. I.e. you’ll be put on the available list. Keep in mind you should make sure you’re available for ALL days/times listed, are comfortable with all the event details including job description, and meet the criteria listed.

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